Mirrix shedding device meets soumak

Actually, I have 3 Mirrix looms. And I love them all. But this month I decided to add the shedding device and- wow. I thought I just really loved going over and under with my fingers (of course I do!) but when I switched to 14 and 16 EPI, It became, well, less enjoyable. And what a time saver!

Plus I discovered vertical soumak! Up until this, I had only used soumak to transition between the hem and the actual weaving. I’d struggled with getting fine lines and finer lines and thought increasing the EPI might be the ticket. But really, it all came together with vertical soumak and, then, the shedding device.

I first tried it in Root Study. It’s how I got those vertical lines for the roots. I was so excited!

Next I warped my Lani again - 14EPI - and hooked up the shedding device. Oh my, what a difference. The background could all be woven easily - and more quickly - so that I could focus on all the threads and directions of the leaves- all done in soumak.

Still working on a title for this…

Still working on a title for this…

Note: The above photo may confuse some people familiar with a Mirrix since the lever is visible on the bottom instead of the top. This is because I wound it forward and have started another piece with the remaining warp. It was photographed upside down and from the back.