Root Study

Root Study

Finished in January 2019.

4.75” width, 2.25” height

14EPI on Lani loom. 

The weft is a combination. The border is knit with a cotton/linen blend from Italy. I order it from Gist Yarns. This was my first time using it in a weaving. I wove the border doubled over 2 warps at a time. The inside border is a silk yarn, Silken Straw, from Alchemy yarns. The earth is a Noro fingering weight yarn I had bits and pieces of, and the roots are done with 2 strands of Mora. The bit of sky is 2 strands of Faro worked over 2 warps at a time.

The earth is woven in eccentric weft technique. I always called this undulating back in the day, but the books refer to it as eccentric. It is a Coptic technique. It’s also one of my favorite tapestry techniques. It’s a tricky one, though. It can distort - you can see a little distortion in this weaving.

The roots have been tricky for me on smaller tapestries. It’s what prompted me to try 16EPI instead of sticking with 8EPI - although this was actually done with 14EPI coil. See Tree Root Study, for example. I’ve tried different methods, but this is the first time I tried a form of vertical soumac, which I found in Kathe Todd-Hooker’s book “Line in Tapestry.” I think it worked pretty well and I will definitely use it again. I highly recommend this book (and yes, it is an affiliate link). You can also order it directly from Kathe on her website, Between and Etc.