This page is a “work in progress”…

I studied weaving in both undergraduate and (briefly) graduate school in the latter part of the ‘70s and early 80’s. I loved it, especially tapestry weaving, but found it difficult to market my work. Obviously, this was long before the internet. I later went on to establish a career as a knitwear designer. Weaving fell by the wayside.

After breaking my wrist in November of 2017, I was unable to knit for awhile. I also (serendipity at it’s best!) re-connected with my college room mate (a good friend and fellow tapestry weaver) around the same time. I told her how I was thinking of doing tapestry again; we talked looms and the next thing I knew my husband had made me a frame loom.

It was then that I re-discovered Tapestry weaving.

I felt like I had “come home”.