My weaving goals for the year

I write goals, evaluate goals, and adjust goals - all year long and have for years. This year, I’ve got some weaving goals in mind.

  • To enter at least one show before the year ends.

  • Work more with color blending, lines, and eccentric wefts.

  • Explore more yarn/sett combinations.

  • Start a series of Tree Companion weavings on the Zeuss loom. I won’t get more than one or two done, most likely, but it’s a good goal for now.

  • Weave moss.

  • To connect with other tapestry weavers. I would love to get a group of Kansas tapestry weavers together. I’m taking first steps on that already. If you’re reading this and love tapestry, beginner or advanced, please reach out and write to me or leave a comment below.